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Black – Solid

Munchkin a cerebellar hypoplasia cat

CH KittyMeet Munchkin, a cerebellar hypoplasia cat. There was an underdevelopement in the balance center in his brain that won’t get worse or better.He is severely CH and can’t walk. He will require a great deal of care and cleaning. However, he is such a sweet boy. People come to the shelter just to visit and play with him. He is a very loving boy and gets along with cats and people alike. He likes to hang out with another CH cat named Stewie who is less severe and very funny. Come meet them both at the shelteer.

Stewie a CH cat

Stewie 2

This is Stewie, a very sweet and active boy with cerebellar hypoplasia, a birth defect that affects balance. He can take a few steps here and there but mostly gets around by scooting. He doesn’t have too much trouble climbing up on the furniture where he likes to take naps. He is a very personable kitty with lots of buddies in the special needs room (which he sneaks out of on a regular basis). So far, he isn’t able to use the litter box but he seems so capable that perhaps something could be put together for him so that he could. Or maybe he could have a special place setup with chux pads? He will also be a great lap cat. Come and meet Stewie and his friends today. He’s a very special special-needs kitty.


CinderCinder is a beautiful and shiny black kitten with sweet and soulful eyes and a friendly personality.  She will have her spay surgery in a few days but in the meantime you can come to the shelter to meet her and even adopt her if you like.  We will call you when her surgery is done so you can come and pick her up.


Huey is an adorable black kitty who loves people.  He was in a rescue in Chicago that was flooded in the recent storms and had no place to go until we rescued him.  He’s a really nice cat that will make a wonderful companion.  He gets along with other cats.  Come and meet him at the shelter.


Munchkin is an absolutely adorable cerebellar hypoplasia kitten.  He has a fairly severe case of CH but is unaware of this.  He spends much time playing with his new toy and really likes being held.  He is unable to use a litterbox so needs more than an average amount of kitty care but bet will repay your efforts in purrs and snuggles.  Stop by to visit him and prepare to fall in love (and bring your carrier :-) ).


Birthdate: July 1, 2008

He is a very sweet and active guy. He is a rambunctious clown.  He’s got sleek long hair on his very long body.  He reminds of us of a jaguar.  He was abandoned  in his home for two weeks until he was found and rescued.  When his rescuer could not keep him we came in and have given him a new chance at finding a forever home.  He’s more beautiful than the photos show.