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We are always looking for new ways to have the shelter be known and recognized for the GEM that it is in Youngstown. This means volunteers to help with everything it takes to run a shelter and find funding for the shelter.


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Healthcare Pkg

All West Side Cats and kittens have the following:

* Spay/Neuter
* Tested for FeLV/FIV - Negative
* Both FVRCP shots/boosters
* Rabies vaccination
* Dewormed
* Treated for fleas
* Lifetime return guarantee

OMG , a fundraiser at CHIPOTLES!!!!!! This Friday. Yummy.

ChipotlesOOOOH! This Friday, April 25th between 4pm and 8pm half the proceeds from the diners who mention this fundraiser will go to the shelter.

If you haven’t tried Chipoltles yet, you are in for a treat. Chipolte’s is committed to serving food with integrity, including using sustainably raised, local and organic food whenever available and appropriate. They support and maintain family farmers.

This is being held at the Boardman Chipotles – a stand alone building on 224 next to TJ Maxx, one mile west of I-680.

Their food is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good and reasonably priced with nice big portion sizes. They serve tacos, burritos, burrito bowls (my fave) and salads. Make sure you ask for the onions and peppers to be added if you like them. Their corn salsa is terrific. The guacamole is included if you get a vegetarian item or a little extra for other items.

Most things cost around $7.00. REMINDER: Mention our fundraiser or it doesn’t count.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Don’t let this one pass you by.

Flower Power Fundraiser – Get your spring bulbs mailed to you

flower power 6 flower power 5 flower power 4 flower power 3 flower power 2 flower power 1

From now until April 25th you can order bulbs or seeds for beautiful spring flowers, herbs and vegetables. There is a brochure/order forms at the shelter or you can easily order online.  All proceeds will benefit the kitties.

To check this out online, please copy and put this URL into your browser:

All orders are DIRECT SHIPPED to you. Please consider helping with this extremely easy fundraiser!


???????????????????????????????Squeak-A-Doo is such a sweet and loving guy. He came to the shelter when his owner became homeless and was going to a shelter of his own. He is such a personable guy and loves to visit the people that come into the room where he resides. He’s always looking through the window into the office and saying hello (meow) to us. He will make such a nice friend and lap cat. He’s just over 6 years old (birthday 11/30/2007)and his adoption fee is just $40.00.

Slinky needs someone special

SlinkySlinky 2


Slinky was born outside and lived outside for most of her young life. She and her family lived by a nice man’s home and he would feed them. It bothered the man that such a sweet kitty was going to live out her days as a feral kitty so he brought her to West Side Cats.

When we first saw her, she was in a cat trap and covered from head to paw in mud. After bathing her we found that she was a beautiful longhaired flame-point Siamese mixed kitten with gorgeous blue-green eyes.

Our foster took her home and Slinky hid in a bottom kitchen cabinet for the first six weeks she was there. She only came out to use the litter box and eat when no one was around. She was intimidated by the foster’s cat which was part of the problem. The progress was very slow but now, Slinky will climb onto her lap to be petted and likes to sleep on her bed. She is docile and easily frightened. She only gets her claws out when she’s fleeing away from being put into a carrier. She doesn’t bite or growl or act aggressively in any way. She hides from anyone who comes into her foster’s home.

Slinky didn’t know about cat toys or warm blankets and wet food. Now she does and she would like to keep it that way. Her absolute favorite thing is playing with the kitty-wand and zooming around the house to catch the mouse or the feathers.

Slinky must go to a home with no children or other cats or dogs. You will need to have sturdy screens on your windows so she can’t bolt which she will attempt to do. If you’re not careful she may try to run out your front door.

Slinky is not our normal type of adoption but she is a very loving and angelic kitty who wants to go to her forever home. Her adopter will need to allow Slinky to establish herself in their home and it could take weeks. Call us if you are interested. We think Slinky is over a year old now.

She is getting spayed on 4/22/14 and will be available after that. She may go to PetSmart in Niles at a date to be determined if she is not adopted at the shelter.

Little Eli is not well

EliLittle Eli was adopted two months ago as a normal, healthy kitten. His owners returned him this week after he suddenly went blind. He was circling and vocalizing and completely frantic and seemed to have neurological issues that went beyond the blindness.
The vet isn’t sure if he has a brain/inner ear tumor, a blood clot, cranial inflammation, or was injured. He was given a strong antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory.
He is eating well as long as somebody holds him steady while he is dining. We have had to replace his water bowl with a rabbit bottle because he charges around his cage, running through the bowl and soaking himself and his bedding. Which means he’d be wet and thirsty all night.
We’ve seen some small signs of improvement over the weekend. He’s less frantic than he first was, which might mean that he is adjusting to his sudden loss of sight. Or that the steroids are taking effect and his neuro symptoms are abating.
We were talking about making a decision, but nobody wants to give up on Eli. He is a sweet and affectionate kitten who loves to be held and will fall asleep in your arms.
Keep Eli in your thoughts and prayers.


This photo of Jeremiah, a little brown tabby of 10 months old, was taken on the day he entered the shelter so he might look a little worried. He sure is adorable. He came from another Ohio shelter that lost their home and we stepped in to help. Come meet him soon.

Have you seen me?

SimonThis kitty is an indoor kitty but when he heard the birds singing he made a break for it when the door was opened. He belongs to a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome and the cat is with him most of the day. He is devastated over the loss of his cat. His mom called us today to see if we had seen him. We hadn’t but thought maybe you had. Let us know if you know of a found kitty like this. He is a 4 year old neutered male. He went missing in the Warren area.

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